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PAL Futsal League

Through futsal, our goal is to remove as many obstacles hindering a child and their family from participating in an organized sport, to focus on the child’s personal development. We aim to provide excellent mentorship/training for our underserved community in support of achieving short and long-term success. 

Redwood City PAL will be hosting its first annual futsal league during the Spring Semester. This free soccer league will be available to all students in the Redwood City School district from kindergarten to 8th grade.

RWC PAL Futsal League will be built on the following pillars:

  • Early Access

  • Wellness Education

  • Positive Mentorship. 


Early access: Through our league, we aim to get kids active and involved in sports from as young as 5 years old. Through our partners’ help, we eliminate cost as a barrier to entry for all families. We understand the positive impact of sports play on child development and recognize the current hurdles created by the high costs of joining club soccer. 


Wellness Education: We believe excellence on the field is associated with excellence in the classroom. We will use our soccer league to engage our youth and establish the importance of performance in the classroom. 

Being physically active is important for the physical and mental development of youth. Additionally, we recognize the need for education surrounding proper nutrition. Through our partner Stanford Hospital, we will provide nutritional workshops to all members of our soccer league, aiming to improve the nutritional choices made by families and reduce the risk of childhood obesity. Finally, we will provide access to better nutritional food, recognizing that cost can be a barrier to healthier food choices. 

Positive Mentorship: We recognize the role positive role models and mentors play in the lives of youth. Our volunteer coaches will provide a positive and supporting influence in all our league activities. All players will be provided equal playing time. Games will focus less on results and more on a positive and fun playing experience. 


Through soccer, RWC Police Activities League aims to provide excellent mentorship/training for our underserved community. This league will be the support our youth needs in achieving short and long-term success


  • LOCATION: Hoover School Gym

  • DAYS & TIMES: Saturdays from 9am-5pm (March 18th-May 20th)

  • COST: Free ($25 deposit required that will be returned after the end of the season)


How many games will there be?

All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 7 games

Who can register/play?

All Redwood City and Fair Oaks residents are welcome to register. Ages will range between 1st grade-8th grade 

Teams will be created within the following grades, pending registrations 

  • K/1st grade

  • 2nd/3rd grade

  • 4th/5th grade

  • 6th-8th grade 

Who do I contact with questions?

If you have any questions about the futsal league, please email

What are the deadlines?

  • Registration deadline will be on February 11, 2023 

  • League Orientation night will be on March 3, 2023 

  • First game will be on March 18, 2023 

  • Last game will be on May 20, 2023

Who will be coaching?

Coaches will be volunteers trained by our RWC PAL Sports Staff. If you are interested in being a volunteer coach, please contact us or check the box on the registration form.

What is the deposit?

A $25 deposit will be collected per registration. Checks can be made to Redwood City PAL and dropped off at the PAL office. Cash can be dropped off at PAL and Credit Card payments are accepted in person.


When is in-person registration?

We will have In-Person registration on February 3rd, 2023. Please check our website or contact us for the exact times.

How is the league formatted?

The futsal league will be formatted to play with Futsal rules. Futsal is a form of indoor soccer popular in most countries in the world. It involves playing 5v5 on a regular size basketball court. A special hard-surface soccer ball is used. Games will be 40 minutes long with 20-minute halves and a 5-minute half-time, depending on the age group.

What is provided?

Coaching, a league, and a free uniform are provided with each registration.

Program Partners

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