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Our Mission

Pal Center is a core resource that co-creates solutions with our community and builds brighter futures for youth and families.  

Our Approach

We achieve our mission by merging the dedication and experience of public safety and service providers with community resources and Pal Center programming to provide equitable enrichment opportunities focused on wellness and mentorship, which improve life outcomes for families.  

Our Vision

We envision a safe and empowered community where everyone can access meaningful resources, opportunities, and a sense of belonging. 

Want to see our mission in action? View our 2022/23 Annual Report by clicking the button below!

Our Story

PAL started out in 1995 at the initiative of Police Chief Carlos Bolanos with the support of the City of Redwood City. Chief Bolanos saw the need to engage kids in sports to keep them out of trouble. Over time, his endeavor became institutionalized within the Police Department as the Police Athletic League.  


For decades, the Police Activities League (P.A.L) has been a crucial resource for the underserved community of Redwood City. As community needs have grown and evolved, so has PAL, implementing programs that respond to societal challenges, including the pandemic, mental health crisis, and issues surrounding social justice. As a result, we've rebranded to the new Pal Center, reflecting our expanded services and our focus on inclusivity and dynamic community solutions.  


In a rapidly changing world, the Pal Center has adapted to serve evolving community needs, providing unique opportunities and resources to those who need them most. We champion personal growth, education, community engagement, and overall wellness, contributing to community unity and fostering an environment conducive to positive change. 


At the heart of the Pal Center lies collaboration and partnership. We've sought and incorporated community feedback, ensuring our services are relevant and tailored to unique needs. The Pal Center embodies a commitment to adapt, grow, and effectively serve our communities. By embracing collaboration and expanding our services, we can address diverse needs and create a positive impact in the lives of those we serve. Join us on this journey as we continue to engage, inform, and uplift our community. Everyone needs a pal, and we're here to ensure that assistance is accessible for all. 


Pal Center assures Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through fair treatment and full participation of all people in our hiring practices and programs. 

Our Mascot

Promise the Polar Bear_edited.png

Meet Promise the Polar Bear  


The polar bear symbolizes strength, power, and leadership. They're also a reminder to stay curious and always be learning. And finally, the polar bear is a symbol of family and togetherness.  


"Promise," our Pal Center mascot, is our cheerful member who represents our community center's focus on the great potential each member carries within. 

Board Of Directors

Trina - PAL Parent

I have two kids at PAL. Having an after school program like PAL where they can be safe and have excellent mentors they would have fun activities. Everyday they would come home happy with some cool thing that they did or learned about.

Middle-School PAL Student

My favorite part would be my drumming class. I get to perform in front of people and I get to learn something new. I think it’s important because it lets kids socialize and try something new to see if you like it or not. I feel very lucky because a bunch of people don’t get that opportunity.

Adriana - Adult PAL Member

I think this class should be offered to more people because you are not just getting a workout or a good time or a dance, you are meeting people and best of all the class is free. Coming here is the best part of my week.

2023 Program Partners

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