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Board Of Directors

Trina - PAL Parent

I have two kids at PAL. Having an after school program like PAL where they can be safe and have excellent mentors they would have fun activities. Everyday they would come home happy with some cool thing that they did or learned about.

Middle-School PAL Student

My favorite part would be my drumming class. I get to perform in front of people and I get to learn something new. I think it’s important because it lets kids socialize and try something new to see if you like it or not. I feel very lucky because a bunch of people don’t get that opportunity.

Adriana - Adult PAL Member

I think this class should be offered to more people because you are not just getting a workout or a good time or a dance, you are meeting people and best of all the class is free. Coming here is the best part of my week.

2023 Program Partners

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