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Facility Rental

Interested in renting a space within our community center?
Please refer to the pricing and capacity details below and fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Redwood City Space Rental Information.png
Please note:
A completed facility application and a 50% security deposit are due upon reservation
● Non-Profit partners approved by Redwood City PAL are eligible for a free rental
● Room rental charges apply during set-up, event, and clean-up times
● Event time end no later than 10:00pm & everyone must be cleared out by 10:15pm
● $120 Custodial Fee is required for all events
● If event attendance is 50 or more, a security guard may be required
Alcohol of any kind is not allowed
● Rental fee is due in full no later than 14 business days prior to the event
● If a reservation is made within two (2) weeks of the event date, both rental deposit and
rental fee are due
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